[:en]Act of War – The Overthrow of the Hawaiian Nation, A Reaction[:]

[:en]History is usually written by the victors, rarely are both side of a conflict seen.? There were stylized re-enactments, archival photos and film, political cartoons, historic quotes and presentations by Hawaiian scholars tell Hawaiian history through Hawaiian eyes.

It was very interesting to see how people, governments and religion played their different parts.? There was a completely different outcome for the Kingdom of Hawaii than there was for the Philippine which was a US Territory at about the same time.

As history shows this was an illegal act by the government of the United States and it representatives.? Due to the sheer size of the economics involved I don’t believe the Kingdom will ever revert to the Hawaii people.? The lands of been and continue to be subdivided to manny times.? The Hawaiian islands were absorbed by the United States but they were never given rights that native American on the US Mainland were given.

The kingdom of Hawaii had treaties in place with foreign powers and those have been virtually ignored by the United States.

The world was very?misogynist at the time and still is to a great extent.? The Kingdom of Hawaii was ruled by a woman at the time, the American capitalists had no respect for her then and there is still a lack of respect today.

In 1993 President Bill Clinton offered an apology to the Hawaii people.?UNITED STATES PUBLIC LAW 103-150,?103d Congress Joint Resolution 19,?Nov. 23, 1993. So while the US passed a joint resolution and made a public apology for the wrong doing.? It offered no remedy of any kind to the remaining Hawaiian people.? That is a huge miscarriage of justice in my opinion.

Because of the movie there will continue to be an outcry about this.? I just do not think that anything will ever be done unless a single Hawaiian amasses a huge fortune and buy the land back from the present owners one at a time.

The global social atmosphere would also have to chance so that there would be no fear of invasion of one country from another.? Then maybe Hawaii could be independent again.


William Braddock



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